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About the Colour Profile

The colours we prefer are not cosmetic or superficial. In fact, they offer a profound insight into the levels of personality we most identify with. This is a world-wide phenomena that can be traced back all the way to some of the most profound and deepest understandings. Standing on the shoulders of giants, this Colour Profile emerges from the classic works of Buddha (Skandhas), Gorakhnath (Siddha Siddhanta Paddhati), Carl Jung (Functions), and, most recently, as described by Kevin Kingsland in "The Genesis of Spectrum Theory".

Spectrum Star

In the Siddha Siddhanta Paddhati (a classic Natha Yogi work), Gorakhnath describes a system of realms or worlds (Loka). These exactly match the Chakras in classical yoga as well, which are described with a spectrum of colours.

For anyone who would like to explore this beautiful realm in more detail, we offer a References page.

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Who (and what) is this for?

For individuals and counsellors : Personal awareness; Psychological assessment; Vocational guidance; Counselling and co-counselling

For projects : Project role allocation; Team design

For organisations : Personnel selection; Appraisal appreciation; Organisation development; Learning organisations

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